A fully procedural 3D rigged LadyBug just inside Nuke.

Copy and paste the script, open the elytra and fly! 








Walk – Move the legs for walk in a simple knob

Elytra – Open elytra (wing covers) if you are ready to fly

Fly  – Control the sine curve for flapping the wings



A fast and easy sin expression to avoid keyframing each single step for walking animation or flapping for the wings:


walkspeed is a custom control for the frequency of the curve

walkamplitude is a custom control for the amplitude of the step




RGBA – Base colors and Alpha channel

P – Position pass, that in this case I also use as normal for relighting with GS_Normals gizmo

Forward  – additional surface information for reflections or color masking

Matte – A simple ID Matte for a selective tweak 

The colors are customizable. The shapes of the eye and on the elytra are simple roto, you can access the group and modify it as you wish.