The definitive tool for interlace a progressive video:

  • Frame blend Interlacement
  • Pixel based Interlacement
  • Interlaced Grain/Dither
  • Interlaced Chroma Abberation
  • Directional Masking


With “frame blend interlacement” enabled the gizmo will interlace the current frame with the next one. Whit  “pixel-based” interlacement you can have more control changing the iteration number( Number of pixel to smear in interlacement).

The interlaced effect is achieved by a floating module expression so the resolution of the image influences the result of the effect Just like a real interlaced video. The gizmo will adapt automatically the thickness of the lines to the chosen resolution.

The interlaced noise/dither is achieved by 3 patterns of floating module expression multiplied by a noise.


Directional mask

This masking could be very useful in any situation we need to isolate one side of an alpha.

Create a Master Direction Matrix node with this expression:


Replace “y” and “x” with the coordinate for each matrix you are placing the script

‘Switch1’ will be the node that drives the angle of direction switching between the DirectionalMatrix nodes. Set the DirectionalMatrix nodes like the example below.


Matrix input 0 Switch1, left edge:

 1  0 -1
 1  0 -1
 1  0 -1
Matrix input 1 Switch1, left up:

 1  1 -1
 1  0 -1
 1 -1 -1
Matrix input 2 Switch1, up left:

 1  1  0
 1  0 -1
 0 -1 -1
atrix input 3 Switch1, up:

 1  1  1
 1  0 -1
-1 -1 -1


And so on till input 15 to have a complete 360 degree, 22,5 degree for each input …