Anything I need to deal with normal and position maps:

-Auto conversion detailed luma to normal map

– Rotate normals/position map (Z 360 rotation)

-Rotate 3D normals (X Y Z)


The  base is an offset of sine or cosine multiplied by a channel r, g or b.


Example rotation on x-axis (red channel of normal pass):

red is the pivot of rotation so stay the same: r

green : (cosR*g)+(-sinR*b)

blue: (sinR*g)+(cosR*b)

The same expressions are repeated having green and blue channels of the normals pass as the fixed axis. At the end, you will have 3 knobs, x (rotating around red/x axis), y (rotating around green/y axis), and z (rotating around blue/z axis).


sinR = sin(radians(rotation_knoob))

cosR =cos(radians(rotation_knoob))

Just a sine/cosine converted in radians multiplied by a custom knob for rotations.



In the animation tab, there are some animation presets made by expressions utilizing normal pass: