This tool allow you to repeat your custom shape in different patterns, colors and animations.





Source – Input your image size format

Shape – Input the shape you want repeat on the pattern

Color – Input your color map, a medium constant color for each square of the pattern. 





Tiling – UV Floor Expression control, Size, Filter

Patterns – Square, Brick, Chess, Cross, Points, Strips

Animations  – Charging bar, scrolling bar and random


This tool was meant to have a fast and reliable charging bar. Afterwards I implemented different animations to have a full range of controls; Charging bars, Random scanning, Linear scanning and so on.




If the animations avayable are not enougth, you can simply add multilpe  ShapeRepeat  gizmos  to  create new animated  pattern.

For a Scanline render effects you can use one ShapeRepeat with multiple transforms and time offsets for repeat  lines.

For a random render animation like “V-Ray region rendering” you can use a random animation loop to keep previous  rendered squares.

The possibilities are unlimited, please share your ShapeRepeat animation and let me know if you find possible improvement!







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