This tool allow you to make procedural fire and embers starting from your custom particle system.

“Just to have several irons in the fire”






Particles – Just a precomp of a particle system for firesparks and fire.

Firesparks – Fire embers and smoke controls.

Fire –  Play with fire. Burn your particles!





Emitter – If the simple card basic emitter, you can connect your custom emitter to disable it.

Cam – Input your camera


ReadSparks – Read pre-rendered sparks (See write/read tab)

ReadSmoke – Read pre-rendered smoke (See write/read tab)





FireSparks – Here you can find settings for the card basic emitter

Particles – In the particles tab you can set: forces, size, color and alpha for particles.

Cache Tabs – Due to heavy of the group I dedicated a tab for pre-rendering particle system sequences. There is an “ReadFromWrite” button that will create and automatically connect your pre-rendered particles to the gizmo to increase speed for finishing processes.

Finishing Processes – Flame tuning, noise, distortion, Glow, Bloom, Smoke and other useful improvement for Fire, Embers and Smoke.




It is a simple particle system and procedural fire starting from it. it was meant  to have full controls of fire in a 3d environment right inside Nuke. It work very well with “Particle Light” that give you the possibility to relight 3D environment directly  from the particles of your fire.

It is not light and it can be tricky to achieve the desired result.




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“A bad workman always complains of his tools”

“Farlex Dictionary”