Fully procedural and customizable nuke clock with a combination of different expressions to manage the hand vibrations after each second.


I think this expressions could be useful to reproduce the pendulum physic of any analogic mechanisms.

Click Expression:

One clic each second, normalized to have 60 clicks to make 360 degree


Fricion Expresion:

A simple triangular curve to emulate the lost of power in time given by friction

1-((frame+10) % (fps/2)/(fps/2))*(2)+1


Vibration Expression (Low frequency), interpolated with friction expression above:



The final step “Alternator switch node”  is a simple square curve that cut the double frequency of the “friction expression”:



for 25fps:         ((frame-15) % (fps)/(fps/2)) *(20/5) – (20/5) >= 0 ? 1 : 0

for 24fps :          floor(cos((frame+2.8)/3.8)+1)


A super thanks to Andrea geremia  for the clock graphic style!